The Temple of Vesta and Sybil

 The Temple of Vesta is a very important structure of the ancient acropolis of Tivoli. It is next to the Temple of the Sibyl. Access to the temple is through a gate and it is visible from the Ponte Gregoriano (bridge). Dating back to the first century BC, it is the most famous monument of ancient Tibur.

 It was probably dedicated to Vesta, the goddess of the hearth, whose cult was entrusted to the Vestals, or perhaps to Tiburno, the hero who gave his name to the city. The temple, with its elegant round plan, overlooks the amazing and spectacular landscape. Over the centuries the Temple of Vesta has become the most painted subject by Italian and foreign artists, and by the rich aristocrats who used to come to Tivoli in the 19th century on their so-called "Grand Tour".

The Temple of the Sibyl is an ancient Roman structure located near the Temple of Vesta, on the highest point of the acropolis of Tibur Superbum, today's Tivoli.

 It was built around the second century BC with a characteristic rectangular shape. Today the temple still keeps its spectacular effect both from Piazza del Tempio di Vesta and from the Gregorian Bridge.